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Peoria Dynegy Press Conference at Mt. Zi
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Organizing Works -

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We organize and we build people power.  We know the crisis we face (unemployment, racial inequity, climate change) and we expect our elected officials to work with us for policy change. Our theory of change is centered on everyday people joining together demanding change.  We believe in a "People and Planet First" strategy, and hold that people are experts in their own lives.

Relationship Building

Leadership Training

Racial Equity & wealth building

We're reaching out to grassroots and faith leaders across downstate Illinois who are looking to working together on the intersection of racial equity, creating new green jobs and tackling the climate crisis.

Our leaders set our strategy, tactics and demands. Our organizing staff provide the skills to win.

We're not going to let the green job revolution skip over Black and Brown people. Our demand of racial equity is at the center of our movement.

A State Strategy

The proposed Clean Energy Jobs Act (CEJA) is in the Illinois legislature.  We're working toward its passage, along with strong racial equity and environmental justice standards.

A National Strategy

The "Green New Deal" is taking shape.  We work closely with our national organizing network Peoples Action to make it happen in 2021.

Building Power

If we don't have real People Power there's not much we can hope to achieve.  Power talks to power and that's when our elected officials begin to take us seriously.

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We can't wait for new green jobs and racial equity.

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