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Big issues always seem impossible until they happen.  We can't think of any bigger issues than massive Covid unemployment, climate crisis and racial injustice happening all at the same time.  This is our moment.  We can impact all three at the same time.

Don't agonize - Organize!

At the federal level, we're reaching out to Rep. Cheri Bustos (D-IL17) representing Peoria, Galesburg, Quad cities, Galena and Rockford.  We need her support in good new green jobs for all, and make sure racial equity and Black wealth building is front and center.

Statewide, we need the Clean Energy Jobs Act (CEJA) that will bring more green jobs along with racial equity and wealth building.  Let's make it plain, our state Rep and Senators will soon choose between your future or big corporate energy.  


Broaden the network

Help us get the word out that returning to the "old normal" isn't acceptable. SHARE this site and your thoughts on Facebook, Twitter #peopleplanetfirst and other social media platforms.

Reach out decision-makers

Don't keep climate change, new green jobs and racial equity a secret

Congress and the Illinois legislature will be taking up climate bills soon. They need to hear from you - we can help in finding your elected official.

Contact us

We need you

When people work together they get things done.  We need your talent, commitment, time and money to make this happen.


In this new online organizing world we can't hold face-to-face meetings like before.  But People Power still works and we need to hear from you.

How can you help?

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