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Sustainable Energy
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We’re in a world of hurt right now.  Tens of millions of people are out of work as unemployment approaches Great Depression levels.  One in three families with children cannot afford adequate food.  Black people are dying at disproportionately high rates from COVID and racial injustice.  And Climate Change marches on with a federal government that is slashing environmental protections in the name of economic growth.  

Clearly we are facing a triple threat: racial injustice intensified by the COVID-induced economic crisis  and the climate crisis.  

There is a way to directly impact all three crises simultaneously.  We challenge the idea that we need to return to “normal.”  The old “normal” has allowed generations of systemic racism, rampant pollution, and wealth building only for those who are already rich and powerful.  We can and must have something better.

Imagine putting thousands of people in Illinois—and millions of people nationwide—to work in the clean energy economy: retrofitting houses to be energy efficient, installing wind and solar, building out sustainable agriculture and reforestation.  Imagine that those jobs pay living and prevailing wages.

Imagine putting our words into action when we say Black Lives Matter.  Imagine dismantling systemic racism by creating a Clean Energy Economy where People of Color are at the front of the line.  Imagine prioritizing people who have been left out of the current economy for good-paying clean energy jobs and entrepreneurial opportunities.  Imagine that these entrepreneurial opportunities lead to Black and Brown ownership of green energy companies.

Imagine having cleaner air and water because our electricity is coming from carbon free sources and our transportation has moved from gas and diesel to electric.  

Imagine that we finally begin to address climate change in a way that is real: replacing fossil fuels with renewable energy, reinstating environmental protections and making the polluters pay.  

We can do this.  We ARE doing this.  Please join us.


Check out our infographic!

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