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Our Campaign: Tackling racial injustice, COVID unemployment crisis and climate change through a new green economy

What We're Doing -

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We are facing a triple threat: racial injustice intensified by the COVID-induced economic crisis  and the climate crisis. 

Pass CEJA because we can_t sustain our c

We put everyday people to work building a new green economy at the state and federal levels.  We put racial equity front and center.

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We're building people power across Illinois to demand change at the state and federal level.  

All the Latest Updates

Things are happening quickly in Washington and our organizing across Illinois.  

Get to Know Us

We are faith and grassroots leaders organizing across central and west central Illinois.

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More than

1 million

Illinois jobless because of COVID-19

Currently, there are 


primary MBE (Minority Business Enterprise) solar contractors in Illinois

40 million

new green jobs could be created nationally


The time to solve climate change is

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